Gyn & Melodie Soul feat. The Blue Light Funk Band - The #1 Dance band in Hawaii


Melodie Soul & Blue Light are about to make you keep your dancing shoes on!  Gyn has passed the funky, musical torch on and she has taken off with it. Mrs. Melodie Soul has been with the band for almost 2 years,  and belts out her beautiful Texas pride every performance! She will  keep the funk alive, adding a smooth R&B/Soul flare, mixed in with hits from every era, allowing people of all ages a chance to celebrate in "Love & Happiness" on the dance floor! With Marc Pearlman on guitar, Josh Guerra on drums, Cat on bass, Maurice "Mofessa" McConnell on keys, and help from Kyle Allen on vocals, you won't want to stop groovin'. Be on the look out for new songs, new venues, and the whole band making great music on a stage near you! 
Peace & Blessings 
Melodie Soul & Blue Light
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